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Our corporate office is in LaGrange, GA, and it houses our Executive Leadership, Accounting, Project Management, Project Support, Operations, Contracts, Franchising, Marketing, and Warehouse teams.


Bob Yates, Director
Office Phone: (706) 298-7372


Scott Murray, Director of Manufacturing and Development
Mobile: (706) 302-4010

Scott holds an undergraduate degree in Environmental Science and Geology from Georgia College and State University and a Master’s degree in Hydrology from The University of Arizona and has applied much of his knowledge to working with our Asian resources to develop manufacturing while ensuring environmental compliance and stewardship. When not in China, working out of our Qingyuan office, he resides with his fiancé in Santa Fe, New Mexico. An avid skier and outdoor enthusiast, he spends much of his non-working hours in the mountains of Northern New Mexico.


Eli Abner, Director of Project Management
Office Phone: (706) 298-6479
Mobile: (706) 957-8487


Ashley Anderson, Managing Director of Operations
Office Phone: (706) 298-7371


Daisa Condit, Director of Design
Office Phone: (305) 771-6171
Mobile: (808) 829-6852

Daisa Condit, originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, joined the MGroupTM family in 2004. She holds a Bachelors of Design with a Major in Architecture from the University of Florida and speaks fluent Portuguese and Spanish. In 2009 duty called and the US Army stationed her husband overseas hence commencing their ‘tour around the globe’. She is currently stationed with her husband and son in Hawaii and works remotely. Hobbies include travel, dancing, and drawing. Her artistic experience, attentiveness to detail, and travel background are powerful tools used in various aspects of the MGroupTM enterprise such as project management and design direction.



Melita Bouchet, Marketing Manager, and CRM Technologist
Office Phone: (706) 298-7373


Hannah Blount, Marketing Assistant
Office Phone: (706) 298-6487


Kyndra McIntosh, Design and Support Associate
Office Phone: (706) 837-0008


Kelsey Puckett, Project Support
Office Phone: (706) 298-6475


Benjamin Johnson, Project Support
Office Phone: (706) 298-6473


Christina Gillardo, Project Support
Office Phone: (706) 298-6474


Gayle Hall, Contracts Administrator
Office Phone: (706) 298-7374


Matthew Partin, Senior Project Manager
Office Phone: (706) 298-6480

Matthew graduated Cum Laude from Georgia Southern University with a BA in Marketing in 2010. He has been with MGroupTM since August 2012 and has worked closely with our sales team and clients on hundreds of projects. In his free time, he enjoys cooking, being outdoors, and spending time with his wife Kelsey and their young son Gray.


Keith Soles, Project Manager
Office Phone: (706) 298-6485


John Cleaveland, Project Manager
Office Phone: (706) 298-6484


Mimi Jones, Project Manager
Office Phone: (706) 298-6477


Wendy Padgett, Accountant
Office Phone: (706) 298-6472


Veronica King, Accountant
Office Phone: (706) 298-6481


Carrie Williams, Accountant
Office Phone: (706) 298-6483


Brittany Andrews, Executive Assistant to the President
Office Phone: (706) 350-4300



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